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Suppliers of forest products and heating fuels

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Which fuels are best for open fires?
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00


Open fires are designed to burn a variety of fuels – kindling, wood and coal. Many people enjoy having an open fire on those cold winter nights. Types of fuel available include:

Bitumenous house coal

These coals have a high heat output and are perfect for open fires. We offer small and large sized coal. These are not suitable though for smoke controlled areas.

Smokeless fuel

All of the coals we offer are economical with high heat output and minimal waste. These fuels are perfect if you live in a smoke controlled area and can also be used in multi fuel appliances.


We only select the best burning hardwoods for cutting and all timber is sourced from sustainable UK forestry operations. We can supply logs in 1.7 or 2 cubic metre loads which are delivered locally and typically contain Ash, Beech, Birch, Oak and Sycamore. 


The perfect to get your fire going! We supply kindling either bagged or netted and also offer briquette and pellets. 


Please note: Open fires produce a lot of soot so it is recommended that the chimney is swept regularly.

The above information should act as a guide only. Please contact the supplier or manufacturer for your specific appliance if you are unsure which fuel to use.

You may also live in a smoke control area, your Local Authority can advise on this if you are unsure.

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